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Under the influence of the new coronavirus epidemic, how can we protect ourselves, assume our role, and win this “war against viruses” without smoke?


● Wear a mask all the way, don't travel without a mask

● Individual travel is preferred, and public transport is not preferred.

● Stagger the peak hours of work and avoid the crowd

● Keep a distance from others when taking public transportation, and try not to touch the facilities in the car. Do not touch your face, eyes, and nose after getting out of the car. Wash your hands and disinfect them in time.


● In the office

● Always wear a mask in the office, do not remove it

● Enter the company to take your body temperature. Seek medical treatment as soon as the body temperature is abnormal.

● Sterilize articles at your own station with 75% alcohol

● Keep a distance of more than 1 meter from others and try to avoid face-to-face communication

● Try to wear a mask when meeting, and try to use a network meeting

● It is best to bring a water glass or mineral water with a lid

● Climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator

● The office area should be ventilated twice a day for half an hour


● In the cafeteria

● Wash your hands before meals

● Sitting alone at a single table or stand, refusing to gather

● Encourage bring your own lunch and avoid going to the cafeteria or ordering takeaway


● In the bathroom

● It is recommended to take good defecation before going out and use public toilets as little as possible

● Keep a distance of more than one meter when standing in line

● Cover the toilet lid and flush

● Wash your hands carefully with seven steps