AH387775U001-1 (LA387997U012, AH387775UOO1)

Product Name : AH387775U001-1 (LA387997U012, AH387775UOO1)
Also known as : LA387997U012, AH387775UOO1
Item : Encoder Feedback Card (Wire-ended)
Formerly : Eurotherm Drives

Part No: AH387775U001-1, (LA387997U012, AH387775UOO1) 

Parker SSD AH387775U001-1 (LA387997U012, AH387775UOO1) - 590P & 590 Encoder Feedback Card (Wire-ended) (Formerly Eurotherm Drives) Used on the DC590P (or 590+) and DC591P (or 591+), as well as the older style of 590 drives series with grey stacks and grey doors with the dimpled flaps at the top and bottom. 

See below for all poduct ranges for which this board could be used:

590P (or 590+)591P (or 591+)

590P-DRV (or 590+ DRV)

591P-DRV (or 591+ DRV)

590 Analogue (590A, 591A, 594A, 595A, 596A & 597A)

590 LINK (590L (591L, 594L, 595L, 596L & 597L)

590 Digital (590C, 591C, 594C, 595C, 596C & 597C)

590PX Digital Drive (When using a 590PXD Door with a 590S Stack)

584S/584SV Series (PWM AC Controllers) 

The Encoder Receiver Option allows incremental encoders to be connected directly to the motor controller to provide highly accurate speed feedback measurement. It mounts directly to the drive on the bottom left-hand-side of the control board (Product range dependant).

Terminal Descriptions:

E1 - 0 VDC (Isolated)

E2 - Supply VDC (Isolated)

E3 - A Channel

E4 - A Complement

E5 - B Channel

E6 - B Complement 

When factory fitted to a Parker SSD 590P or 591P, the part number of said drive changes as follows:

Current Part Number: 59XP-XXXXXXXX-XXX-XXWXLegacy Part Number: 59XP / XXXX / XXX / XXXX / XX / ENW / X / X / X 

The Encoder Board is available from factory in the following options:

AH387775U001 – Encoder Receiver Customer Calibrated

AH387775U005 – 5V Encoder Receiver Option

AH387775U012 – 12V Encoder Receiver Option

AH387775U015 – 15V Encoder Receiver Option

AH387775U024 – 24V Encoder Receiver Option 

Manufactured by Parker Hannifin’s SSD Drives Division in Littlehampton (United Kingdom). Formerly known as SSD Drives, Eurotherm Drives & Shackleton System Drives. 

Customs Tariff Code: 85389099

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