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Contact Person: IVY ZHANG

Tel: +86 022 84995960

Mobile Phone: +86 13902042869

E-mail: info@ot-automation.com


Whatsapp: +86 13902042869

Add: Room 103-27, No. 3 Xianggang Street, Jinnan Economic Development Zone, Tianjin, China

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About Us

CHINA ONE-TONE INDUSTRIAL GROUP CO., LTD is a comprehensive enterprise dealing with industrial control products with professional knowledge and abundant inventory. We provides the global market with a wide variety of industrial products, which includes both New Surplus and Reconditioned products at extremely competitive prices. Our knowledgeable staff will go for helping you satisfy your customer or get your facility up and running. 

We mainly deal with famous worldwide brands, including PARKER SSD DC drive & AC drive, SIEMENS PLC & VFD, EUROTHERM products, FUJI controller, SCHNEIDER products, etc...

Our products gets a wide range of applications in the field of plastic manufacturing, rubber manufacturing machinery, metal processing machinery (planing, washing, grinding, etc...), metallurgical machinery, Chemical textile machinery...

Main Products:

DC Drive, DC Motor, AC Drive, Variable Frequency Drive, Reactor,

Transformer, PLC, Temperature Controller, Low-voltage Apparatus,

Touch Panel, Suspension Controller, Power Boards...

DC Drive Cabinet, Frequency Control Cabinet, PLC Control Cabinet...

Procurement Service for any industrial automation related products.